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Goering's List

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Goering's List (1993) / [ISBN: 9780440205197] :Almost fifty years after World War II, the art collectors who own the spoils of Nazi plunder are targeted by a ruthless international terrorist, and CIA counterterrorist Micke Semko begins a deadly game of cat and mouse.

'Art thieves aren't usually associated with this type of violence," observes an art squad detective in J. C. Pollock's new thriller when three wealthy New Yorkers are brutally murdered and specific works from their collections are stolen. Similarly, neither would any of the murdered men - a famous philanthropist, a former ambassador, and an influential industrialist - usually be associated with art of questionable provenance: paintings taken from Jews by the Nazis in the early 1940s and sold secretly in Switzerland from a list kept by Reich Marshal Hermann Goering. Though these murders are tied to secrets kept buried since World War II, they instantly ring alarms with the CIA, with Israel's Mossad, and with the SVR, the newly created successor to the KGB - all of whom identify the vicious German terrorist Dieter as being behind the killings and all of whom have their own reasons for wanting him stopped. Or so it seems. The CIA brings in disgruntled operative Mike Semko, who is dismayed when his employers at Langley Pair him with Rachel Sidrane, an art historian and Mossad agent who may have orders and loyalties of her own. These unlikely partners pursue Dieter across two continents until the conflicting agendas of the three secret services and a bizarre connection between the art collectors and the United States, Nazi Germany, and the former USSR force Semko to make up his own rules in what becomes a deadly high-stakes duel. From the gleaming exclusivity of New York's Sutton Place, to the mysterious remains of the KGB, to the Parisian cafes and English safe houses where international terrorism plots its advance, Goering's List is J. C. Pollock at his absorbing, suspenseful best. Hailed for his insider's knowledge of military hardware and espionage technology, J. C. Pollock brings the reader inside the cramped confines of a surveillance van, into Berlin's Nazi War Crimes Document Center, behind the doors of a brutally effective Mossad interrogation, and through'.'

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